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How do you spring clean your team? What needs freshening up in your team? Take your staff through the spring cleaning video and see what you could implement in your business to breathe fresh life into your team environment. This is an area of expertise for us and a time of year many businesses invest in their people, so get in touch to discuss the potential to run a purpose day to revitalise and refocus your team. Here’s to your success!

10 months agoSeptember 28, 2018
Brilliant video Mike,
Do you know if anybody does training around "lean" in the office / sales area. There is lot of training available in production and manufacturing but not much for sales.
Mike Clark
10 months agoSeptember 30, 2018
Morning Sean
Thanks for your message. There are many options in this space - I studied this as " Time & Motion" study when I did my training and I know a few business who focus on whole of business and not just manufacturing. 
If you give me a call on 0272987523 or email mike@thinkright.co.nz I will ascertain what you are aiming to achieve and point you in the right direction.
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