#171 Training Effectiveness - 3 Step Process for Inhouse Training | Think Right Learning BITES

How do you train your new staff, or people moving into a new role? Effective training can make the process much smoother. Mike shares a simple 3-step process for getting people up and running with new skills, quickly and effectively. Here’s to your success!

Craig M
about 1 year agoMay 17, 2019
Very practical Mike, great tips
Terry Dover
about 1 year agoMay 17, 2019
Hello Mike,
Another added step that I always get trainers/trainees to do is, after the notes have been taken by the trainee and they can follow their own process; give the notes to somebody who has no knowledge of the process. You do not discuss or help them at this point. If they cannot follow the process to a predictable outcome, then tweak the process accordingly. You should then continue to test it by giving the process to somebody else who has no prior knowledge. This should be continually done until no matter who is given the process, the task can be done with no further outside assistance. Cheers. 
about 1 year agoMay 20, 2019
Thanks for the great idea!  I heard a new one last week - practice makes permanent - so you're bang on right that the practise has to be perfect in the first place!
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